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Thursday, May 16, 2013

inside the "all that jazz" series!

Artist Msani takes us deeper into the background of his series "All That Jazz". Capturing the spirit of New Orleans, Msani uses a vibrant repertoire and various media to bring the traditional jazz scene of New Orleans to life!

7"x 9" (w/frame) 
The lamp-post is central to Msani's various renditions of "All That Jazz". The lamp-post is the brightest focal-point of the painting and is one of the principal parts of the pieces. The lamp-post fosters the energy and dynamism of the sun to the jazz scene that Msani presents us with. 

In some variations of "All That Jazz", Msani has chosen to paint a variation of the series without the presence of people, but rather elevating the animal kingdom as being worthy of portraiture. 
6" x 16"

The musician is an iconographic image of the city of New Orleans, and Msani captures the essence of the musicians with his spirited and energetic brushstrokes. The "cool-blue" palette of the piece captures the nature of "cool-jazz". 
8"x 16"

Texture plays a key role in Msani's paintings, and it adds a third dimension to the paintings that already spring forth with life. 
11" x 14"

 $310 (framed)
17" x 14"

In this version of "All That Jazz", Msani personifies the lamp-post as the sun, being a key element in the painting as the light radiates and reaches each figure in the painting, as if giving energy and life to the musicians.
18" x 24"

Msani himself, as he playfully presents us with Paris!

"Paris Jazz"
8" x 16"
$245/ per
$440/ pair

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